Mom and baby tour, start a happy life

Three days of inspiration and growth for wonderful mothers of beautiful babies!
At the beginning of February 2020 there will be an outbound trip to our Estate for young mothers.

For 3-4 days of an eventful life, communication, exchange of experience.

Values ​​that were in the lead of the creation of this tour: Family, health, healthy lifestyle, beauty, harmony. Open Communication and Benefit.

The main benefit is the ability to use osteopathic techniques to strengthen your child’s health, eliminate birth injuries, and improve digestion and healthy sleep. To learn this it is completely optional to be a physician!

As you can see, the main message is for young mothers, with babies up to 1 year old!
But, mothers with older children, in May we will hold another event for wonderful mothers who grow up with their children! Become wiser and more beautiful! We are still pondering the program. And if there are wishes, we will gladly take them into account.

The second benefit is the osteopath’s visit. Here you can understand your questions / health problems, not only from the point of view of physics, but also psychology. This is a very effective way to move forward, to be beautiful and happy, to harmony in the family. Reception is conducted by osteopaths Anna and Vladimir Shabalovsky. They will analyze the condition of both the mother and the child.
The third, already pleasant, benefit will be a photo shoot! For which a professional makeup artist will prepare you! And photos will be made by a sensitive and talented mother, Ilona Chwan!

In addition, we will have master classes in bathing and daily massage of the child,
we will discuss the psychological aspects of upbringing, take care of ourselves, watch a movie, take a walk in a pine forest, take a swim in the pool.

Have a great time.

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We will be glad to see you! Join our club of happy and beautiful mothers!