French evenings

Wine, cuisine, French movies, music and socializing in French.

The estate “Gorval Manor” was founded by a French-Belarusian family, and this year we are starting to hold French evenings for lovers of French culture, cuisine and those who want to get to know her.

For the first time such an evening will take place on June 1, 2019. Beginning at 18.00.


This evening you will experience the rituals of French dinners:

  • aperitif (drinks and snacks waiting for all guests)
  • entree
  • main course
  • cheese plate
  • dessert
  • degestif - degestifes

During dinner will be

  • play french music
  • talk about the history of French cuisine, singers and actors
  • watch a movie of French cinema
  • discuss it.

The cost of the program on average per person

  • 65 BYN without accommodation
  • 85 - 120 BYN with accommodation.

The number of participants is limited to 20 people.

In memory, you can make a photo with the Eiffel Tower. Not real, of course, but very French :)