Seminars in the "Gorval Manor"

One-day and multi-day, in an informal setting
The cost per person from 40 rubles. includes: lunch, coffee break and equipment rental.
Conditions for the whole seminar
  • Seminars in the "Gorval Manor"
    Wooden gazebo area of ​​70 sq.m. Weatherproof plastic curtains
  • Seminars in the "Gorval Manor"
    Open terrace with 5 round tables for 8-9 people.
  • Seminars in the "Gorval Manor"
    Hall in the house on the first floor of 40 sq.m.
  • Seminars in the "Gorval Manor"
    Hall in the house on the second floor between guest rooms of 40 sq. m.
  • Technique:
    • Portable speaker with microphone,
    • Projector,
    • Screen.
  • Meals are organized individually according to your needs.
  • High quality service.
  • Comfortable stay.
  • We work by bank transfer.
  • We make a contract, an order protocol and a certificate of completion.
Letters of thanks from our clients



Benefits of holding seminars with us
  • 1
    All necessary
  • 2
    Flexible terms
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
    Evaluation of booking
You might have these thoughts
  • Expensive?
    We guarantee that our prices for the same quality are at least 20% lower
  • Long away?
    In this advantage: wildlife, open spaces and silence can only be far from the city.
  • Are there mosquitoes?
    We have few of them. A large milled area, mosquito traps and repellents keep your peace of mind.
  • Is it cold in the rooms?
    The house has a geothermal automatic heating system. Always warm and there is hot water.
  • Comfort rooms
    Comfort rooms
    • Mon-Tue
      90.00 BYN
    • Fri-Sun
      95.00 BYN
  • Comfort rooms Family
    Comfort rooms Family
    • Mon-Tue
      100.00 BYN
    • Fri-Sun
      115.00 BYN
  • Lux Rooms
    Lux Rooms
    • Mon-Tue
      120.00 BYN
    • Fri-Sun
      140.00 BYN