• Kayaking
    The reserve and Bow to the confluence of the Berezina and Dnieper rivers are very popular. This is a complete relaxation and unity with nature.
    An experienced instructor will conduct a safety lesson, distribute life jackets and paddles, show the route on the map and be with you throughout all the interesting hours on the water.
    Kayaks 4-seater, tourist, sustainable.
    There are developed routes.
    Photo hunting and swimming on the wild beaches has not been canceled by anyone :)
  • Bike tours
    Thematic routes (military topics, familiarity with the mounds of Milograd culture, etc.) are accompanied by an instructor.
    Any bike tour includes a campfire campfire ritual and making your own tea in a pot. Duration and topics of routes, see here. You can come with your bikes.
    On the estate are constantly 5 bicycles. On which you can drive independently around the village.
  • Nordic walking
    Nordic walking
    Everyone knows about the benefits of Scandinavian walking to health and the availability of this active type of recreation.
    An experienced instructor will show you how to walk and breathe correctly, adjust your wands to your height and show the amazingly beautiful nature of our places.
    The duration of the route depends on your desire.


Gorval Manor is in a very good location:

  • the confluence of the Berezina and Dnieper rivers in 2 km;
  • water basin of the Bow reserve;
  • Gorval village with an ancient history;
  • the territory of 1.5 hectares is removed from the neighbors;
  • pure pine forest.

We organize canoe tours from 3 hours to 2 days, themed bike tours. On the estate you can play pétanque, beach volleyball and pool volleyball, badminton and table tennis. You can run and walk in clean mixed forests. Arrows, not to get lost, there is.

  • Comfort rooms
    Comfort rooms
    • Mon-Tue
      90.00 BYN
    • Fri-Sun
      95.00 BYN
  • Comfort rooms Family
    Comfort rooms Family
    • Mon-Tue
      100.00 BYN
    • Fri-Sun
      115.00 BYN
  • Lux Rooms
    Lux Rooms
    • Mon-Tue
      120.00 BYN
    • Fri-Sun
      140.00 BYN